Lashawnda buys ACN $73.58: ACCENTURE PLC : Accenture Helps Hostess Brands Deliver the "Sweetest ...

ACCENTURE PLC : Accenture Helps Hostess Brands Deliver the "Sweetest ... (press release) - 10 hours ago Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has teamed with Hostess Brands, LLC to design and implement a new operating model and business processes, and delive ... (more)

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Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
9.9.13   ---           - 283100073.5073.7573.26 73.58
6.9.13 -----          -- 298470074.1274.6073.15 73.21
5.9.13 ------          - 239080073.0074.2673.00 74.00
4.9.13    -----        - 208010073.0873.3372.53 73.05
3.9.13    ----        -- 318600072.7273.5472.67 73.08
30.8.13      ------     - 270980072.7772.8771.77 72.25
29.8.13     -----         182800072.3273.2272.14 72.72
28.8.13       ----      - 200270072.3572.7772.00 72.45
27.8.13     -----       - 283680072.9273.2372.11 72.24
26.8.13 ---             - 201180073.8874.5673.72 73.73
23.8.13 ---             - 283710074.5474.6573.66 74.01
22.8.13 -------        -- 346720072.8474.5072.79 74.10
21.8.13     ------     -- 353980072.1273.2671.98 72.81
20.8.13       ------   -- 308060071.6872.6571.40 72.16
19.8.13        -----   -- 314330071.6372.3771.40 71.67
16.8.13          ----  -- 339630071.3771.8771.17 71.65
15.8.13          -------- 365130070.6771.9670.50 71.53
14.8.13      -------   -- 434110072.7172.8771.39 71.50
13.8.13     ---         - 276950073.0073.1872.61 72.88
12.8.13   -----        -- 294420072.9973.7072.58 72.79

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ACCENTURE PLC : Accenture and SAP Bring Breakthrough CMO Solution on ... (press release) - 12 hours ago NEW YORK; Sept. 5, 2013 - Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) are expanding their global alliance with a unique business model to pro ... (more)
ACCENTURE PLC : Accenture Positioned As a Leader in IDC MarketScape ... (press release) - Aug 29, 2013 Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has been positioned as a Leader by IDC in providing business consulting services to private and public sector clients in e ... (more)
ACCENTURE PLC : Brazil Takes its Place as a Leader in Mobility as Enterprises ... (press release) - 5 hours ago Sao Paolo, Brazil; September 4, 2013 - Brazilian businesses have a higher level of maturity than their emerging market peers when it c ... (more)
Moving Average Crossover Alert: Accenture Plc (ACN) - Tale of the Tape NASDAQ - 12 hours ago Accenture Plc ( ACN ) could be a stock to avoid from a technical perspective, as the firm is seeing unfavorable trends on the moving average crossover front. (more)
Missing the love and companionship of my best friend and lover who plays guitar, sings, and loves making movies more than anything in the world. I'm bright, fun, creative, intelligent, loyal, and love sharing our lives and making love. ... (more)

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