Ashlee buys EBAY $54.03: eBay Inc (EBAY): PayPal launches Bluetooth solution for swipe-free payments ...

eBay Inc (EBAY): PayPal launches Bluetooth solution for swipe-free payments ... Seeking Alpha - Sep 9, 2013 Beacon, a dongle that plugs into a standard electrical outlet, uses Bluetooth to communicate with retail point-of-sale systems from the likes of NCR ... (more)

Cayla, Christa, Lanita, and Ursula bought Ebay Inc..

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
12.9.13 ---             - 793660054.4654.6153.50 54.03
11.9.13 ----            - 1000180053.0054.4753.00 54.28
10.9.13   ---           - 874770053.0553.5452.96 53.49
9.9.13    ----         - 899510052.7853.2952.10 52.67
6.9.13    ----        -- 1207260052.5353.2452.28 52.83
5.9.13       ----        675280051.4852.2351.29 51.95
4.9.13         -----   - 950240050.7551.6550.41 51.45
3.9.13           ----  - 813820050.5851.0850.08 50.32
30.8.13           ------- 1112370051.0951.1049.62 49.99
29.8.13         ------  - 710920050.2251.4850.20 50.99
28.8.13           ---   - 813850050.7551.0150.42 50.43
27.8.13         -----  -- 1034170051.2451.4950.42 50.61
26.8.13       ----      - 807090051.6752.1351.21 51.96
23.8.13         --      - 702590051.2251.7051.14 51.65
22.8.13         ---     - 747930051.1951.6251.01 51.08
21.8.13        -----   -- 1285260051.7451.8750.81 50.96
20.8.13      ---        - 937940052.2552.6351.78 51.99
19.8.13    -----          664440052.7453.2852.04 52.07
16.8.13   ---           - 753160053.0953.6352.69 52.92
15.8.13   -------      -- 1526880053.3753.4651.68 53.18

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