Florance buys NLSN $35: Nielsen Hldg NV (NLSN): Bloomberg: Nielsen negotiating concessions with FTC ...

Nielsen Hldg NV (NLSN): Bloomberg: Nielsen negotiating concessions with FTC ... Seeking Alpha - 12 hours ago Nielsen (NLSN) is negotiating concessions with the FTC in order to move forward with its $1.3B acquisition of Arbitron (ARB), Bloomberg reports. Ni ... (more)

Ruthanne bought Nielsen Holdings N.V..

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
6.9.13 ----            -- 258320035.0035.4034.70 35.00
5.9.13   ---            - 138770034.5434.9434.54 34.83
4.9.13    ---           - 189190034.6434.7634.38 34.54
3.9.13   ---            - 152710034.8134.9734.51 34.67
30.8.13    ---           - 165040034.5234.6534.36 34.50
29.8.13    -----         - 185730034.1034.6333.97 34.53
28.8.13      ----       -- 202620033.6834.3333.68 34.18
27.8.13       ----      -- 195540033.9934.1933.67 33.76
26.8.13    ------       -- 288830033.8534.7833.79 34.31
23.8.13       ----      -- 236710033.9234.2333.60 34.06
22.8.13        ----        123360033.6833.9733.42 33.89
21.8.13         ----     - 186930033.5533.8233.28 33.57
20.8.13      --------   -- 265560033.0134.2733.01 33.66
19.8.13             ------ 202450032.6032.9932.40 32.55
16.8.13             ---- - 158300032.5733.0232.47 32.73
15.8.13             ---- - 141460032.6832.9532.57 32.66
14.8.13           -------- 254690033.1533.3332.55 32.87
13.8.13          ---     - 170890033.5333.6333.28 33.40
12.8.13          -----   - 140420033.0133.5232.89 33.42
9.8.13           ----   - 142800033.2133.4432.86 33.09

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NIELSEN HLDG NV : The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index ... (press release) - 8 hours ago NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index(®), which had declined in July, increased slightly in Augus ... (more)
Investor's Watch List -Nielsen Hldg NV (NYSE:NLSN), RF Micro Devices, Inc ... Techsonian - 13 hours ago Las Vegas, NV - August 26, 2013 - (Tech Sonian) - Value Stock Pick is a leading Investment Newsletter. Our Research Team conducts research on differ ... (more)
Nielsen Holdings N.V. Upgraded to Outperform by Sanford C. Bernstein (NLSN) Watch List News (press release) - 12 hours ago Nielsen Holdings N.V. logo Sanford C. Bernstein upgraded shares of Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NASDAQ:NLSN) from a market perform rating t ... (more)
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